Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Portland (Mini) Weekend Rundown: Lucy's Table, Stepping Stone Cafe

Posted by Kelly

Lucy's Table: NW 21st
  • Adam and I had planned to order pizza from New York Pizza on 23rd, but since I had a veggie chimi from King Burrito for lunch and was still full, we tried Lucy's Table "Social Hour" from 5-6:30pm instead.
  • $4 cocktails were needed after a long week! I ordered the Peachopolitan (peach vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice) and Adam opted for a whiskey drink.
  • Older reviews suggested the menu would offer fancy corndogs and mini sandwiches (sandos) but they seem to have revamped their menu. 
  • We ordered baby back ribs ($8), shrimp pil pil ($6), and avacado humus ($6). I wouldn't order the avacado humus again. The avacado made the dip really creamy, but it lacked flavor. I'd prefer guacamole OR humus. The ribs and shrimp were great though! 
  • This is the place you go when in the mood for really good food, moderate portions, and a classy vibe.
Stepping Stone Cafe: NW Quimby and 24th
  • I have been wanting to try Stepping Stone Cafe for a while now and inspired after watching an episode of Man vs Food, we finally made it.
  • Due to reputation, we had to order the short stack (2) of buttermilk mancakes ($6) with blueberries (add $1.50). We could have done with just one! 
  • Fans of breakfast foods, we also shared a Stepping Stone favorite, the Chicken Scramble with sundried tomato basil chicken sausage, peppers, and jack cheese served with hash browns and toast ($8.75). This was also good!
  • Oh yeah, and I ordered a homemade biscuit...I needed something to put my raspberry jam on right?
  • The restaurant seems to have a comfortable natural flow with great food, nice service, and a fun atmosphere. Definitely worth the usual Saturday/Sunday morning wait!
The weekend was mellow with plans to recover from a long week, work, and enjoy the super bowl. I didn't really care about the game since, like Katie said we don't really do football, but I'm glad the Saints won (go underdogs!!). The commercials were kind of disappointing, but all the food was great! (Thanks Sof!)