Monday, July 27, 2009

Honeys Heart: Adventure on the High Seas

Posted by Katie

While Kelly has been doing an excellent job taking advantage of Portland happy hours, I've been sailing (and drinking) my cares away on 7-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera.

While Carnival claims to be pretty strict about bringing your own alcohol aboard, we found that our initial attempt of dying vodka green and storing it in a Listerine bottle was a little excessive (excessively minty that is). Turns out its much easier (and tastier) to smuggle in some good ole' light tequila in a water bottle which, when mixed with the cruise ship's complimentary lemonade and limes, produces a quite decent margarita.

We did, however, find ourselves resorting to actually purchasing drinks on the ship at times which is quite the pricey endeavor. We hit up happy hour only to find that while my friend Krizia got $1 off her $8 cosmo, I was offered a mere 30 cents off my $10 mojito. Of course I was also given a $5 credit in the casino...for which I had to spend 5 of my own dollars (or my friend Matt's) to actually use. Excellent.
So, moral of the story/cheesy rhyme: when on a cruise, bring your own booze...or you'll be sorry.

The A-team. Miss you!

Portland Happy Hour: Bar Due

Posted by Kelly

Looking for a $5 thin crust, salty, tasty personal pizza paired with a limoncello martini ($6) or a small plate of authentic Italian goodness ($5)?? If you are, check out Bar Due on the corner of NW 13th and Hoyt. As Fratelli's bar, Bar Due features $5 pizzettes and small plates for their happy hour as well as selected discounted drinks. Whether you want a romantic vibe or just a relaxing bite in the Pearl this place just might hit the spot!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Portland Happy Hour: Ten01 - NOW CLOSED

Posted by Kelly


After Polly and I had a successful, and therefore expensive, afternoon of jeans and skirt shopping in downtown Portland we walked a block down from Anthropologie to Ten01 where we reflected on our purchases over happy hour.

Enjoying the sun and downtown people watching at a table outside we each ordered a glass of the happy hour red wine ($5 each) and shared the cheese plate ($7). Delicious cheeses, and though I left wanting a little more it was probably a perfect portion. I definitely plan on returning to explore the rest of the menu which looked intriguing with items like lamb mac n' cheese and smoked salmon brioche.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Portland Happy Hour: 50 Plates

For weeks I listened to my Aunt Polly rave about 50 Plates. After making multiple plans to go together we finally made it last Thursday. We arrived at 10pm for their late happy hour (which starts at 9) and sat in the bar where we would be served by Evan (my Aunt's fav waiter).

Evan easily convinced us to order two delicious Motini's ($9) to sip while we made food decisions. So good we both ordered another.

Since we had previously had lemon drops and "snacks" at Perry's on Fremont we decided to just share two sliders ($2.50 each). The pulled pork slider is fabulous, and the Old Faithful (with the flag in it, of course) is equally as awesome! In fact they were so good that I forgot to snap a pic when they arrived, but I have a half way photo...

Of course this just wasn't enough for us. We decided to add to our order the kern dogs and the fries. The fries are salty and served in a cute paper bag. The kern dogs are like corn dogs, but made with some type of sausage. My aunt and I had only one major problem with our kern dogs. The large circle kern dog did not fit easily into the small square ramikan that contained the mustard meant for dipping. Evan had mentioned his very busy night and although we figured he was tired and could probably care less about our ramikan situation, we talked about it with him and he gladly brought us a bigger square...I am sure our clever sarcasm was much appreciated.

I am definitly glad my Aunt Polly finally introduced me to 50 Plates, I have already been back and Polly and I have our return date planned! I highly recommend their happy hour and if you go, ask for Evan.

Pic of Polly and I from her iPhone

Portland Happy Hour: Bay 13

Posted by Kelly

My friend Mary and I have been training for the Portland marathon as American Cancer Society charity runners and after a long, sweaty, hard afternoon run we decided what would make us feel a lot better was happy hour! We had noticed Bay 13 in the Pearl (corner of NW 13th and Irving) a few weeks ago when we were walking out of the 24 Hour Fitness across the street and we decided last Tuesday to go try it out.

We were seated on the deck and brought a bottle of "Bay 13 bottled water" to sip while we pondered the menu.
Bay 13 happy hour includes a $5 drink special, which on this particular Tuesday was a delicious Pomegranite Ginger Maritni. Mary and I gladly ordered three each!

We finally decided on food and ordered the flat bread ($8), sweet potato fries ($5), and the calamari ($6). Not especially great food prices for happy hour but the presentation was nice. The sweet potato fries have nothing on Mint's and I don't think we would order these again. Bay 13 took a sweeter (rather than salty) spin on these fries and dusted them with cinnamon and four other spices.
The flat bread was great with asparagus and goat cheese, but at $8 not a great happy hour find.

Though the food was good it was also a little pricey so Mary and I agreed we'd stick to three martini's each and maybe order the calamari again....or a fourth martini!

Friday, July 3, 2009

San Jose Happy Hour: Pedro's Restaurant & Cantina

Posted by Katie

Pedro's happy hour resulted in quite a few firsts for me: 1) First happy hour with the mom and sis (sister just turned 21 in April and until recently neither of us have been home at the same time), 2) first happy hour in San Jose, and 3) first happy hour with free food!

That's right, FREE food. And we didn't even need to say we were reviewing the place or flirt with anybody to get it!

Ok, so you did have to buy an alcoholic drink, but we were planning on doing that anyway. And so, with our $5.25 house margaritas in hand, we were able to help ourselves to endless chips and salsa, beans and rice, and beef fajitas.

Mom and I decided we should get a little something else too since all appetizers are half-off during happy hour (4-7pm everyday or 4-close for ladies on Thursdays). We went for the sampler platter ($5.50) which had quesadillas, chicken flautas, a corn tamale and chimichangas. We liked the tamale and chimichangas best.

Even though my sister disagreed (she is a bit of an amateur after all), my mom and I thought that the house margaritas were a little weak so we each ordered a top shelf margarita ($7.50). Much stronger and much better!