Friday, May 13, 2016

Buzzed with the Happy Hour Honeys: Nashville Episode!

Our third episode of Buzzed with the Happy Hour Honeys is devoted to our recent girls trip to Nashville! Listen in to hear all about our adventures in Music City including our picks and pans and how to properly execute drunk planing.

A Visual Guide to Episode 3:

(See a guide to Dougie PDX vs. Katie's husband Doug here.)

Concrete at Wiz Bang Bar

 --- NASHVILLE!!! ---

Nashville Ladies: Kelly, Katie, and Dana

Georgia's Adorable Apartment in 12 South

Husk's Shrimp & Grits

Husk's Beef

Hattie B's Hot Chicken 

Cocktails at The Patterson House

Beers at The Pharmacy

A Bass Player

Las Paletas' Popsicles

Sweet Tea at Draper James (Reese Witherspoon's Store) 

B-Cycle Bikes

Cronuts at Five Daughters Bakery

Joy Ride Nashville Photo Shoot 

Super Salty Country Ham at The Loveless Cafe

"Demonbreun" is hard to say but fun-ish to visit.

Also, we really liked Proper Bagel, but we forgot to talk about it. Thanks, rosé!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sweat & Sip: Ride PDX & Kure

What: RidePDX
Where: 3745 SW Bond Ave 

Katie and I haven't done a Sweat and Sip in a while, but with summer coming up and a ladies trip to Nashville, it's about time to get back on the workout wagon. Luckily enough, we had been invited by RidePDX to come try a class (well, everyone's first class is free, but still)!

Look at this funny-shaped puppy!

The cycling studio, owned by Andrea Fenton (a former competitive swimmer), is located on the South Waterfront. The classes are 45 minutes in a dim room and include hills, sprints, and a weighted arm section. Apparently the classes are often to electronic music, but we caught them on an 80's theme day, which we prefer!

One way that RidePDX differs from other classes we've tried is the screens in the front of the room that show the output being made by each bike. Andrea, who also happened to be our instructor, used this to have the rows compete and to incentivize sprints throughout the workout. As an added benefit, you can track your progress online. Your stats for each ride are available in your account and you can track RPM's, resistance, speed, power, distance, and calories burned. Unfortunately Katie and I aren't competitive enough for this to matter to us too much, but if you are, this is the studio for you!

Overall, we had a great experience, Andrea was awesome, and if competition is key for you, this is a great studio to try! Ultimately though, and I know we're a broken record at this point, but we're still Revocyclers through and through.

What: KURE 
Where: 408 SW 12th Ave - there are 5 other locations
Honeys Heart: Feelin' healthy and stuff

After a morning workout it's tempting to indulge in a big brunch, but in the end, it's (usually) more rewarding to pick something healthy! So in this vein, Katie and I headed to KURE to get an acai bowl.

KURE was founded in 2011 and has recently opened a location on SW 12th with sitting room. They serve acai bowls, oatmeal, hot drinks, tonic shots, smoothies, and organic juice. We both opted for the Sunnyside ($8.25) blended with acai berries, bananas, strawberries, vanilla protein, apple juice and topped with banana, strawberries, chopped hazelnuts, goji berries, hemp seed granola, shredded coconut, cinnamon, and agave.

Katie isn't a huge coconut fan and had asked to have her bowl without that, they forgot, but luckily it's really just a dusting of coconut. It was a pretty tasty bowl overall, though I had imagined the acai blended base being a little thicker, plus we started to get really cold coming off of our workout!

I need to try Greenleaf's acai bowls to see how they compare, but this is definitely a healthy start to the day!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Portland Pop-up: Mae

What: Mae
When: Monday and Wednesday Nights
Where: Old Salt Marketplace

If there's one "foodie" thing I just don't really get, it's fried chicken. I feel terrible about it, but it's true. Poor Doug. He never got to go to Son of a Biscuit, I had trouble properly sympathizing when Muscadine was out of fried chicken during our one and only visit, and, even though you know I love me some Dougie PDX, his fried chicken at Imperial was not my favorite dish on the table.

But, I think I might be starting to see the appeal, and that's all thanks to Mae.

Mae is a southern Appalachian-focused pop-up run by Maya Lovelace, an alumna of Beast and Husk. Maya's cooking is inspired by her grandmother Mae, for whom the pop-up is named.

Mae's family-style feasts are served out of the back room of Old Salt Marketplace and you have two options for dinners (so far): Monday Meat & Three ($35 per person) or a 10-course Southern Bacchanalia on Wednesdays ($65 per person).

Kelly, Adam, Doug, and I opted for the Monday Meat & Three option, mostly because it was more cost efficient and we still got to try Mae's fried chicken.

Monday Meat & Threes are BYOB so before Doug and I headed to Old Salt, we grabbed some German-style beers since Doug read that they go well with fried food (who knew?).

We were the first to arrive, and after a friendly greeting, Maya directed us to our assigned seats at Mae's communal tables.

Before each course, Maya stopped by each table and explained the dishes as well as her emotional connection to them. Elements like that are something I just love about pop-ups. The meal already feels special but it's made that much more so by the personal interactions you get to have with the chef.

Our meal started with Sassafras Sweet Tea and Cornbread with sorghum butter and pimento cheese with ham.

Up next was Buttermilk Salad with iceberg lettuce, buttermilk dressing, and bacon. Adam LOVED this, and for good reason. It was very simple, but very good. Too bad our tablemates got a little greedy and didn't leave enough for our half of the table to have seconds too...

And then it was time for the big show: Mae's Fried Chicken, which is brined in buttermilk and fried in lard, bacon fat, AND chicken fat. The chicken was juicy with a perfectly crispy crust and not greasy at all. Plus, Maya doesn't skimp- our table's large patter included two pieces for each of us plus Maya offered a second round, which we were quick to take her up on.

Along with the fried chicken came Collard Greens (tasty) and Pimento Mac & Cheese topped with potato chips (OMG so good).

For dessert, Maya served a cheery Lemon Pound Cake with whipped cream. Since we were fairly stuffed at that point, its lightness was the ideal end to our meal.

Before we left, Kel and I stopped by the prep station to thank Maya and to ask her if she had any recommendations for our upcoming trip to Nashville. She gamely wrote down more than a few options for us- so sweet!

So, how do you partake in one of Mae's feasts? Join Mae's mailing list here. You'll get email updates about upcoming dinners including information about how to register. Cheers!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Buzzed with the Happy Hour Honeys: Episode 2

In our second episode of Buzzed with the Happy Hour Honeys, we discuss our slightly controversial brunch yays and nays, food halls, Jose Chesa (so hot right now), and bachelorette party tips, all while consuming a $55 bottle of TeSoAria wine (yeah, we got classy).

A Visual Guide to Episode 2:

Doug vs. Doug:

Doug Adams 
  • Executive Chef at Imperial
  • Top Chef Season 12 Finalist
  • also known as Dougie PDX (because that's what his instagram handle used to be)

Doug (Not Adams)


See the twee?
A Sweedeedee Sandwich


Aebleskivers with Lemon Curd 
Baby Spanska





Bachelorette Party Tip #1: Create a Tradition

The veil's debut appearance (2009)
Leslie's Bachelorette in Vegas (2011)
Kel's (Real) Bachelorette in New York (2012)
Katie's Bachelorette in Austin (2014)

Bachelorette Party Tip #2: Take a Dirty Class

Stripper 101 Class in Vegas

Bachelorette Party Tip #3: Find a Home Base

Do-Si-Do-ing with Jeremy at Jeremy Bar