Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boston Weekend Rundown: Saturday Afternoon in the North End

  • With my internship, work, and school, it's almost impossible to get to a dance class during the week. I love Jeannette Neill's Saturday Video Dance class because it doesn't start til 1pm (hello sleeping in), the moves are super old school and that makes it fun, and the instructor is awesome.
  • The class starts with a cardio aerobics workout, funk combo (really more cardio) and then some ab and arm strengthening. Then we work on a dance routine. This weekend we danced to Ke$ha's Tic Toc and two weeks ago was Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Like I said, LOVE this class!
  • Some dance experience might make things easier, but it's not necessarily required.
  • Every class is $15 and Video Dance lasts 1 hr and 30 min, which I think is a pretty good deal. Just make sure to bring cash or a check because they "don't take cards." (I saw them do it once, so if you get really upset, they might just take your card too.)
  • This is my favorite store in the North End. They sell replicas of vintage celebrity jewelry, for example, Jackie O's wedding ring or the earrings that Vivian Leigh wore in Gone with the Wind
  • I haven't bought anything there (yet) but I love to window shop and read the little descriptions they provide about each piece of jewelry. 
  • Hands down, best cannolis in the North End. (Don't even try to talk to me about Mike's, don't want to hear it.)
  • I waited in line for 30 minutes which was probably longer than it would usually take on a Saturday afternoon, but it was the day before Valentine's Day so I wasn't too surprised.
  • When you wait in line at Modern, you will inevitably hear people wondering out loud as they walk by if "it can really be worth the wait." Let me tell ya: it is. 
  • I can't pass a happy hour sign without taking a closer look, so during my walk I found out about The Wine Bottega's Best-of-Boston award-winning happy hour.
  • Every Mon-Thurs from 5-7pm The Wine Bottega offers 10% off bottles of wine $15 or less.
  • They also have free tastings of 6 to 7 wines every Friday from 5-8pm.