Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sweat & Sip: Firebrand Sports & The Highland Stillhouse

Katie and I haven't posted a "Sweat and Sip" in quite some time, but that's not because we haven't been working out (well... maybe in my case), it's because Katie moved to North Portland. I'm not going to lie, since Katie moved and my once-a-week cycling partner was too far from Revocycle, my fitness regimen took a serious dip, but thanks to ClassPass, we've been getting back in the game!

If you have workout attention-fatigue like me and you haven't heard of ClassPass, you're missing out. With a ton of studios to choose from in different parts of town, there is probably a class to peak your interest any given day and time. ClassPass was generous enough to offer us a free month and we've been doing our best to try out at least two classes per week.

Last week, Katie and I spent our Thursday morning at Firebrand and then, to even things out, our Thursday night at the Highland Stillhouse.

What: Firebrand Sports
Where: NW Glisan and 14th
Honeys Heart: Pyrolates

I have been wanting to try Firebrand Sports, but with pyrolates classes running at about $30 to drop in, it hasn't felt fiscally responsible. Luckily, pyrolates is one of ClassPass's options.

Firebrand has a lot going on! Cycling, barre, "cardio barre", and pyrolates are all offered, of which I've tried the cardio barre and pyrolates. Katie and I really like the pyrolates class. It's challenging, fun, and requires focus moving around on that gliding platform. Plus, my inner thighs had never been that sore, and I love knowing the next day (or later that same day) that I worked hard!

The only part of our class that I thought was kind of odd was that the instructor didn't introduce herself at the beginning or end of the class. I'm used to really friendly and welcoming instructors at the other studios I've visited and I would have loved to feel a more personal connection to the class and studio. 

What: The Highland Stillhouse
Where: 201 S 2nd St, Oregon City
Honeys Heart: Mick and the weird, awesome collection of furniture and Scottish memorabilia

Pyrolates in the morning, followed by a full day of work, and then it was finally time for The Highland Stillhouse! Okay, you do have to make the trek out to Oregon City which for us city gals is the only downside, but otherwise everything about this place is awesome. It's unique, eclectic furniture - much of it actually shipped from Scotland - sets the stage for a warm and friendly environment.

There was live music playing while we perused the scotch and whiskey list, which has thousands of options. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but there is an extensive list organized by region and a storage space across the street from the restaurant in case you buy something obscure that isn't on their shelves. Knowing very little about scotch, we got a recommendation from our server and called it good. 

The first time I was at The Highland Stillhouse, the owner Mick sat at our table and gave us the scoop on proper tasting techniques and we tried to implement them during my second visit. You start by smelling the scotch with each nostril separately, with your mouth open. Then you sip the scotch and get a little air in your mouth, and let it sit for the same number of seconds as it is years old. So a 12-year-old scotch would sit in your mouth for 12 seconds. I know, that sounds hard, and it totally is - but it also completely changes the flavor of the scotch. Just like our pyrolates class- challenging, but worth it in the end!

Stay tuned for more Sweat & Sips courtesy of ClassPass!

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