Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pasadena Gastropub: Kings Row

What: Kings Row
Where: 20 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena
Honeys Heart: Shishito Burger 

Adam and I traveled South recently for our friends wedding in Sunland, California and had the pleasure of spending a few extra days with my family and our close friends from high school, Katelyn and Michael. It was so freaking fun!

Michael and Katelyn moved to Pasadena in January and were excited to take us to their favorite bar in their new hood, Kings Row. It was super tasty and we happened to be there on Monday trivia night. We did our best, but fell short of a win...way short.

The gastropub had so many unique and delicious sounding options. The Crack Mac ($10) with dutch fontina, parmesian, vahlrona white chocolate was tempting, but I went for the Shishito Burger ($14) with 21-day dry aged beef, blistered shishitos, white cheddar, hoisin bbq, arugula and pickled ginger aioli. It was definitely the best burger I've had in a while! Oh, and you'll notice I went for the salad (weird) but it was so good. I'm on an arugula kick and the dressing was sort of mustard-y.

Adam went for the Highland Park Pulled Park ($13) that was braised in coke and oj and served with a chipotle pomegranate bbq sauce. Yum. And those fries...

Michael and Katelyn had only come for drinks, not food, so we read some Yelp reviews. One guy said that if it was his last meal he would get the Jay's Burger ($14). I don't know if Michael agreed that it was last meal worthy, but that bacon looks delish and jalapeno mayo is a great addition to an otherwise fairly common burger combination.

Katelyn chose the Proper Fish N' Chips ($14) which look perfectly cooked. Plus I just love that they served food in little tins.

The drinks weren't exceptional and maybe a little overpriced, but we were in California, they were good, and bonus points for cute jars. I think beer (if I drank it) might have been the way to go!

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