Friday, July 12, 2013

Portland Happy Hour: Aalto Lounge

What: Aalto Lounge
Where: 3356 SE Belmont St.
When: Open-7pm
Honeys Heart: $2 food and drink menu

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I first read about Aalto Lounge's happy hour. $2 cocktails AND $2 food specials? The drinks were probably going to be watered down and the food not so great.

So what a nice surprise to find that the cocktails were tasty and strong, and the food delicious as well.

Kel, Carrie, and I all decided to try The Dandy ($2). Made with cucumber-infused gin, lemon, sugar, and lavender bitters, these cocktails were refreshing and not-too-sweet. 

For food, I ordered the Grilled Cheese Sandwich with House-Made Tomato Soup ($2). Carrie ordered off the bar menu (available open-7pm & 12am-close) and tried the Mac 'N Cheese ($5) with spicy cheese sauce and garlic bread crumbs.

My grilled cheese was pretty amazingvery flavorful and I loved that they used mozzarella cheese. Carrie's mac & cheese was very tasty as well.

Kel opted for the happy hour Oven-baked Pretzel with Homemade Cheese Sauce ($2), which was the least exciting of all the dishes.

The pretzel was nothing special and the cheese sauce had started to congeal by the time it got to us. Definitely would choose the grilled cheese over the pretzel.

But all in all, we were very happy with our experience at Aalto Lounge, especially when we got our check and it totaled only $27 for 3 drinks each and food. They even have a nice little patio out back which we really enjoyed. Dare I say Aalto might be our favorite new happy hour in town?

Check out the full happy hour menu here.