Saturday, July 10, 2010

Europe 2010: Dublin

posted by Katie

Dublin was the last stop on our trip and therefore our time there was bittersweet. We arrived in Dublin from Venice around 2pm and our first order of business after dropping our bags off at the hotel was lunch.

Nick thought that fish and chips would be an appropriate lunch, and I agreed, so we wandered around Temple Bar until we came across Quays Irish Restaurant, which offers 10 euro lunch specials.

Nick really liked the fish but I thought it had kind of a funky taste. The chips were very good though, nice and meaty.

I also got to have my beloved Magners Irish Cider, called by its original name Blumers in Ireland, and Nick had a Carlsberg.

For dinner, I convinced Nick that we had to go to Gallagher's Boxty House since the boxties (I guess that's the plural) there were so good when Lauren, Kerry and I ate there a few years ago.

However, by the time our reservation rolled around at 10:30pm, Nick and I were sill pretty full from our late lunch. There was no way I was not going to have a boxty though, so Nick and I decided to share a boxty and a salad.

A boxty is a thin potato pancake folded over some sort of filling. Nick and I went with the Corned Beef and Cabbage Boxty which was served with a rich parsley cream sauce. So tasty!

The rest of our time in Dublin was spent exploring the city, shopping at Pennys (aka Primark) and Top Shop (yay!) and watching the cutest swan family ever in St. Stephen's Green :

So that's it...Not really sure how to wrap up all these Europe posts other than to say that I'm so grateful that I got to go on such an amazing trip and I hope you've enjoyed reading about all our dining adventures abroad!