Saturday, February 20, 2010

Portland Happy Hour (Revisited): Dragonfish

Posted by Kelly

What: Dragonfish Asian Cafe
Where: 909 SW Park Ave
When: 4-6pm daily, Sunday 3pm until close
Honeys Heart: Giving things a second chance!

Katie and I started Happy Hour Honeys to share our happy hour adventures with anyone who is interested and also maybe to justify our frequent happy hour attendance. Although regardless of readership we will write as a way to document our "foodie" activities and to keep each other updated on our eating and drinking across the country, but of course there are times that we wonder are we just writing to each other? Does anyone other than our moms read our blog? We like to think that we are at least slightly interesting and informative so we always feel a boost of confidence when we get a comment from someone we don't know! Especially when the person is related to the post...

A couple months ago some girlfriends and I went to Dragonfish Asian Cafe (the website is now up to date!) in SW and though the food was great the HH prices were less than impressive (you can read my full post here) and I was so happy when bar manager Andrew Tinling commented: "Hello Happy Hour Honeys! I wanted to thank you for coming by and checking out Dragonfish. I am the new bar manager and have made some new changes to our Happy Hour Food and drink menu. I would be happy to offer a $25.00 gift certificate for your thoughts and reviews. Ask for Andrew Tinling."

Like we have said many times, we are not rolling in money yet and happy hours are therefore a favorite. are gift certificates. Of course Katie B, Sofi and I returned and asked for Andrew who happened to be on vacation. We showed the blog and comment to the temporary bar manager who was great and offered to honor his offer. The menu now has food options from $2-$5 with what seemed to be some more substantial small plates, and better sushi pricing. We ordered $27 worth of food and each chose a drink, wine $4 and beer $3. Some favorites were: sushi (duh), miso soup, and the chicken wraps.
Overall we are glad we gave it another try, thanks Andrew! We like the improvements and, as we said before, the food is good, it is in a great central downtown location, and now with better prices for food and $5 cocktail specials the happy hour has definitely stepped it up. Check it out! Let us know what you think!