Friday, February 19, 2010

Portland Restaurant: Eat Pizza

Posted by Kelly

What: Eat Pizza
Where: 2037 SW Morrison St.
When: Daily 10-midnight, delivery available 503.243.FOOD

This week Adam and I decided we were ready to part with our has been good to our guests and I am sure Katie and Mary will miss it, but it was time to go. Attempting to find a cheap couch, that has a bed, that is decently comfortable, that would be delivered, and that would fit in our apartment had not been the easiest task so we finally cracked and got an IKEA couch. It is actually really comfortable, with a chase lounge and a neat pull out feature that turns it into a bed. It was delivered and like you all know, it is then time to assemble. I have assembled multiple IKEA products, sometimes having it result in extreme failure and tears. This wasn't too bad, but it still took two hours and by 8pm we were tired and hungry. We had been wanting to try Eat Pizza on SW Morrison and Burnside and decided it was a perfect pizza delivery night.

We ordered the Hawaiian pizza in the "in-between" size for $17.99 with a $2 delivery charge. $20 and 40 minutes later we had our pizza. Unfortunately it was small (for $18) and surprisingly disappointing for pizza. Generally I feel like one can't go wrong with pizza, but I definitely don't plan on getting pizza here again anytime soon!

Have you had a different experience here? Let me know! Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing...