Tuesday, June 28, 2016

DIY Cocktail: Rosé Slushies

Kelly is very good about being a consistently thoughtful friend. Whether it's for a bday, housewarming, or a promotion, she always takes the time to give a little gift or card.

I, on the other hand, usually never remember to do any of those nice things. So, when Kel's birthday rolls around, I really have to step up my game.

Last year, I put together a champagne bar for her golden birthday. This year, Kel has to work on her real bday (today!), so she gets two mini-celebrations. The first took place last night at our Bachelorette viewing party.

A group of our girlfriends take turns hosting viewing nights and there's always dessert and wine. Most of our Bachelorette girls live out toward Beaverton/Hillsboro, so combining Kel's bday with my turn to host ensured that they would all make the drive out to my house in NoPo (sneaky, I know!).

Wine is a must-have at our viewing nights, so while I didn't want to mix things up too much, I also needed to find a way to make the wine feel a bit more special. Rosé slushies to the rescue!

These are the easiest things to make ever.

Step 1: Choose a sweeter rosé 
(The rosé I chose was on the dry side and since we're used to slushies being made with super sugary syrup, it felt a little odd to be drinking something so tart in slushy form.)

Step 2: Freeze rosé in an ice cube holder

Step 3: Blend rosé cubes in blender or food processor

Step 4: Serve in a coupe glass with a sprig of mint or a few raspberries

See, so easy! 

To accompany our slushies, Doug made lemon bars, Kel's favorite dessert. (I had to work later than expected or else I would have made them, mmmk?!)

What's Kel's second mini-celebration, you ask? We're hoping to float the river on Saturday, but the weather is not cooperating... cross your fingers that the sun stays out for us!

Happy Bday, Kel!

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