Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pour some out for Romo's Latin Quarter (Portland)

Posted by Kelly

Recently a restaurant that I used to go to with the gparents and have returned to with college friends, on date nights, and when in the mood for some good mexican food closed. I called Katie, needing to make a blog decision. What were we going to call it when a restaurant closed? First Katie goes, "sad hour?" Not bad. But then she says "let's go with pour some out for... you know like pour some out for your homie?" Of course I'm not too hip and hadn't heard this expression used. So I look it up, and I ask Katie if this is what she means:

Of course this was what she meant, but she had learned about it in a much cooler way:

(skip to 4:22 if you wish)

So, here we are "Pouring some out for..." Romo's Latin Quarter. I first ate here when it was a small restaurant on Hawthorne, which then moved to SE Stark, and is now closed. Good luck to Romo on his next adventure!