Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Portland Happy Hour: Mint/820

Back in January when I first invested in my fake id we decided to make the most of it (for $120 you got to live it up). One of our many traditions became Wednesday night Happy Hour at Mint/820, despite their refusal to acknowledge our status as regulars. There are many wonderful reasons we frequent this place (especially now that we are ALL legal).

First, DELICIOUS drinks. Some of our favorites (all for $6) include the Bella, Gin Cooler, 816, O...well we could probably keep going, but those are our favorites. And after 3 we're really good to go. This "lets get tipsy Wednesday night at Mint" has really been a lifesaver. It really gets us through the week (homework can be a bitch)!

Our second reason for loving Mint is the Sweet Potato fries (or yam fries with mayonnaise dip). Whatever they are, they are delicious and we generally get two orders which usually prompts the waiter to ask "are you sure????" And, yes we are.

Tonight (august 27) was an especially interesting night at Mint. We arrived, ordered our drinks and our fries, the usge. But shortly after, unlike normal Wednesday nights, the waitress came over and told us a guy (Zach) at a table we couldn't even see would like to buy us a round. There were 5 of us, so that is $30 (but 4 of us have boyfriends so that was a bad investment). Anyway, we took our drinks and decided to thank this generous fellow. SO we asked the waitress to send him over, and instead his two friends, both named Jeff -for real- came to chat, then Matt showed up (what?). But Matt left and finally Zach arrived so we could thank him.

Ultimately we chatted it up for a little, acted friendly, thankful, etc. We told their friend Tommy, who was celebrating his 21st, Happy Birthday! (Our friend's birthday was yesterday so they were like bday buddies). Then the best part of the night: Zach warns to his friend (Matt?) "be careful, they're kind of mean" but actually we're not, I guess they just didn't understand our sarcasm. Furthermore, not only do we all have boyfriends, but Katie happens to be a lesbian when she's tipsy so basically strikeout city for those boys...So then Katie kissed me and we declared our relationship official, which Dena adamantly denied (homophobe city...but not really, more like drunk city), so we decided it was time to leave.

So it was a successful Wednesday Happy Hour. We'll have many more this semester and promise to only to tell you about the really interesting ones. Our love for Mint only seems to grow and we recommend it to anyone looking for some delicious drinks, food, and fun place to catch up with friends!