Monday, August 25, 2008

Portland Happy Hour: Casa Del Matador

If you're ever on NW 23rd between the hours of 4 and 6 the happy hour at Casa Del Matador is worth the walk to the north end of the street. If you're ever on 23rd two days in a row...go two days in a row. At least that's what I did recently.

The food is good, big portions, awesome drinks. It is a tequila bar so there are lots of Margarita options. We generally get the house Marg for $6.50, but we would also recommend the Mojito ($7.50). Really you can't go wrong with any of the drinks though.

As far as food, there are select items that are $4 and some that are $5. We like to order the nachos cause you get a lot for your $4. Last time we ordered the nachos, spring rolls, and chicken quesadilla. All $4 and all really good!

It is a great place to go with a big group, but if there's just two of you, one order of nachos will be plenty, or two orders of the other items.

But just keep in mind, hitting on the bus boys is not effective here. In fact, if you do you can count on being thirsty for the rest of the night. Oh, and also not a good place if you're feeling a bit self-conscious (chunky)...Lets just say they don't let the waitresses sample the food.