Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Introducing SALEP!

The idea for SALEP probably came around from me complaining to Kelly about my old book club. The ladies were very sweet, but there were rules I just couldn't get behind, like no alcohol at meetings or no books-where-bad-things-happen-to-children. (I know, right? It was very limiting. Think about it.)

So while I was certainly attracted to the intellectual stimulation that my book club promised, meetings were honestly not that fun. Hence the complaining.

But then Kelly came up with a great idea: what if we nixed the iffy part (ladies who refuse to read awesome books like Room) and invited all our friends instead? And, since not all our friends are that into reading (hey, it happens), what if we had a club about something we know we all enjoy like... I don't know... drinking?

And so the idea for SALEP was planted.

One year later (we're busy people, mkay?), Doug and I got around to ironing out some details and we had our inaugural meeting.

Here are the SALEP basics:

SALEP = Society for the Advancement of Alcohol Edification and Potation 

Each meeting, one member is in charge of preparing a short presentation about a spirit, beer, wine, liqueur, etc. of their choice. Samples must be provided. The goal is to introduce the group to something new and interesting. And maybe get a little tipsy.

All other members are in charge of bringing snacks. 

You are only invited if you:
a) are there to learn as well as drink
b) plan to host your own meeting at some point

And that's it! Pretty simple and, if our first meeting was any indication, pretty fun too.

Kel and I will post summaries from each meeting so you non-Portlanders can share in our SALEP education.

Stay tuned for a post about our first topic: Vermouth!