Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seattle Restaurant: The Pink Door

posted by Katie

What: The Pink Door
Where: 1919 Post Alley, near Pike Place Market
Honeys Heart: Lasagna Pink Door!!! and the pageantry (of course)

Doug is better at being a girlfriend than I am. It was his idea for me to surprise Nick and take him out to dinner in Seattle since Nick was planning to take me to a nice restaurant in Half Moon Bay when we got back to San Jose.

Doug even sent me a few recommendations for where I might take Nick. The Pink Door was the obvious choice.

One of my favorite parts about The Pink Door is that there's no sign outside, just a little note with opening and closing times. You just have to know that it's there. I love that.

This is the view after you walk through that door. So unexpected!

After being seated (reservations are a must!), Nick and I snuggled into our corner table and waited for the entertainment to begin. That's another great thing about this place, live entertainment every day of the week. Nick and I went on a Sunday night, which meant that we got to see Tamara the Trapeze Lady in action. On other nights of the week, they have jazz trios, burlesque shows and special guest performers. You can check out their "cabaret" schedule here.

And now some pictures of Tamara:

That guy in the white shirt was pretty sure he was going to get kicked in the face...but I think they probably try to avoid that sort of thing.

And then there was the food...

We started off with the Caprese Salad ($12) with Heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella. Delish!

Then came the showstopper: Lasagna Pink Door.

This was the richest, most delicious lasagna I've ever had. It's made with fresh spinach pasta, a decadent b├ęchamel sauce, pesto, and marinara sauce. I want to say it was the fresh spinach pasta that really made this dish, but then I remember the creamy white sauce or the tangy marinara, and I really can't decide.

My mouth is watering...Basically, you must order this dish if you go to The Pink Door. Probably you should go just so that you can have it. Really. It's that good.

Nick and I also had the Pappardelle al Ragu Bolognese ($18). Nothing could top that lasagna, but this was pretty tasty too.

And because I'm me, you know I had to get a drink.

It wasn't that good. But when I think about that lasagna, I don't really care.

We were so full, we didn't even get dessert. And that never happens.

Also, I should mention that the service was excellent. We loved our waiter, especially because he was honest and told us that the dish we originally planned to order instead of the bolognese was not that spectacular. So glad he saved us from a mediocre (but expensive) dish!

So yeah, I owe Doug big time for recommending such a fun and delicious place.

And you should also know that The Pink Door has a happy hour. It's on their deck lounge Monday-Thursday 3-5pm and 10pm til close and on Friday from 3-5pm only. Rigatoni & meatballs and meatball sliders go for $7 each and the garlic bread and tapanada (olive spread on bread) go for $5 each.