Friday, October 8, 2010

Just Opened! Portland Restaurant: Little Big Burger

Posted by Kelly

What: Little Big Burger
Where: 122 NW 10th Ave
When: 11am - close, 7 days a week
Honey's Heart: Truffle salted fries!

You may have already heard of Micah Camden, an eastside restauranteur that essentially owns the corner of NE 30th and Killingsworth, and if you haven't it seems like you probably should! Owner of Yakuza, Beast, D.O.C. and Fats, Micah recently expanded his empire to the westside with the recent opening of Little Big Burger in the Pearl.

The restaurant is based on the economical model of a fast food joint, but offers substantially better quality. With a simple menu similar to that of IN-N-OUT and an attempt at novelty like that of White Castle or Pop Burger, LBB seems to be doing well so far.

Though they had a couple hiccups opening day including a smoke filled restaurant and undercooked burgers, people gave rave reviews (read them on Yelp). Their simple menu includes burgers, burgers with cheese, veggie burger, truffle salted fries, rootbeer floats, canned sodas and canned beers.  The ingredients are top quality with Cascade Natural Beef and cheese options including cheddar, swiss, chevre, or blue cheese...YUM.

My take---the burger was delicous, the fries were awesome, and my rootbeer hit the spot, but Adam and I both got a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink and our total was $16. Though it all tasted good, the loud music, open kitchen (I would like the people working to be more interesting to watch/listen to), 1/4 pound burgers, and fast food type vibe made me feel like it should be a little more affordable. I definitely plan on going back and seeing how it improves...I've heard rumer of a late night adult happy meal. Yes please!