Friday, July 23, 2010

Portland Restaurant: EaT: An Oyster Bar

Posted by Kelly

What: EaT: An Oyster Bar
Where: 3808 N. Williams Ave
When: Sun, Mon, Wed 11:30am-10pm & Thurs, Fri, Sat 11:30am-'round midnight

Regrettably I don't make it up to North Portland as much as I'd like to since graduating from UP last year, so when I was going to be on N Williams anyway and my mom was in town to treat me to lunch, I thought it was time to try Eat: An Oyster Bar.

We began our southern dining experience with fried pickles and it's accompanying homemade sauce. The pickles were awesome and the sauce was SPICY, but good!

For my main meal I ordered the gumbo. Full of meat, clams, prawns and of course a couple oysters. It was also SPICY, but still had great flavor. I'm not usually an oyster fan so I picked around them. Mostly, I enjoyed it though! 

My mom opted for the Shrimp Etouffee, which was once again SPICY, but still maintained a its flavor. I hate when food is so spicy that is just takes over the dish and looses it's flavor, that's definitely not the case at EaT though. It was a lighter, more tomatoey etouffee than I have ever had. I might be slightly biased, but I think I like my mom's Etouffee better...but I'm supposed to say right?!

I would definitely say that EaT is worth a visit! The food was tasty  (I also hear the Jambalaya is good) and on a sunny day the funky mix and match of tables and chairs opens up expanding onto the courtyard area. Great for a summer day!