Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boston Restaurant: The Barking Crab

Posted by Katie

What: The Barking Crab
Where: 88 Sleeper Street, Fort Point Landing (10 min walk from South Station)
Honeys Heart: The fun atmosphere, the great location by the water, and theBoss fresh seafood

Before Nick and I jetted off to Europe, we met up with my Boston friends for dinner at The Barking Crab

Since The Barking Crab is on the expensive side, we decided to order a few dishes and share. We went with the Fried Calamari ($9), Lobster and Crab Dip with cheese and artichoke hearts ($12), Old Bay Crawfish ($10), and Peel and Eat Shrimp ($13).

The calamari and the shrimp were definitely the group favorites since Anna and Katie H. were kind of grossed out by the crawfish. (Scott didn't get a vote because he's allergic to seafood...oops, will remember that for next time!). Shannon, Nick and I had fun pulling apart the crawfish, though it was a lot work for what you actually got, as tasty as it was. The dip was good, but nothing special. Probably would skip it next time in favor of the other 3 dishes that we got since they showcased the fresh seafood a bit better.