Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Portland Bachelorette Recs for Olds

It’s that time of the year, folks: bachelorette party season!

Kel and I have been on the bach party circuit for almost 10 years (omg, barf, we are old), so we’re pretty much experts.

In this post, we’re going to do something we almost NEVER do: respond to a request from one of our readers. Yeah, it’s like a pretty big deal (and not just because we didn’t know we still had any readers. Okay, that’s exactly why).

Christina writes:

“There's a few of us ladies coming down to Portland for a weekend in May. We are in our mid 30s and up, professionals coming for a bachelorette. Any chance you could give me some ideas on where to go and what do, etc? We’re staying at [a nice downtown hotel].”

Christina, we have so many ideas for you. But first, here’s a list of our previous bachelorette party coverage:

Okay, so Christina, we are going to assume that Friday is going to be your more laid-back night. Like your jeans, going-out top, cute booties kind of night. Saturday night is going to be your BIG NIGHT where you get all fancied up. We're also keeping you (mostly) within walking distance of your nice downtown hotel. Also, we didn't include any of these spots in our recs, but some of Portland's gay and drag bars/clubs are not into bachelorette parties, and some might even deny you entry if you are overtly a bach party - just a heads up.


Portland 30+ Bachelorette Party Itinerary:


  • Explore The Pearl in the afternoon. Don’t miss Powell’s Books!
*Never order the punch at Kask. We don't think they serve it anymore because it was so bad, but if for some reason it's back, do not be tempted.


  • Lyft to Washington Park to check out the Rose Garden/do some light hiking 
  • Getting ready + game time back at the hotel 
*We don't love the food at Departure but the luxe vibe can be fun, especially if you start with a drink on the rooftop patio overlooking the city.


  • Recovery brunch at Tasty & Alder (send your least hungover friend to put your name on the list at least an hour before you want to eat.) 

Other Options: 

If you’re feeling refined (and patient), you could also get to Multnomah Whiskey Library right when they open at 4pm on Friday or Saturday and put your name in. This has the potential to derail your plans as you are now at the mercy of the waitlist, but MWL can be worth it if you’re looking for a chill night spent sipping cocktails with the girls rather than schmoozing with strangers.

The eastside is also worth a visit when in Portland, so instead of heading to Washington Park on Saturday, you could instead Lyft to N Mississippi Ave. to wander a bit, go shopping at our favorite boutique Sloan, and have lunch at Por Que No (expect a line). Portland's eastside Urban Wineries would also be fun to check out and you could even end at SE Wine Collective for happy hour.

We are over/too old for the "club scene" here, but if that's what you're looking for, Century Bar and Holocene, both on the eastside, are much better options than anything in Old Town (avoid Barrel Room at all costs!).