Thursday, November 2, 2017

Spring/Summer Travels 2017

Here's the thing about travel posts: I like to write them but they're probably pretty boring to read. And unlike solicited travel advice that you MIGHT take into account, I understand that my unsolicited travel recs are even less likely to be of interest to the average reader.

Also, this post is now incredibly untimely since it's already November.

But sorry. This is basically the only way I remember where I went and what I ate and drank there, so this post is happening.

Let's do this.

Spring/Summer Travels 2017:

Las Vegas, NV
Occasion: Dance team ish
Travel Partners: Doug & Anna (& the dance team)
HHH Approved:
- Happy hour at Bardot Brasserie in the Aria (everyday from 5:30-7pm)
- Boozy milkshakes at Milk Bar in the Cosmo
- In-n-Out (delicious and can't beat those prices on The Strip)

Oakland, CA
Occasion: To visit Lauren
Travel Partners: Lauren & Nicole
HHH Approved: 
- Pale ales & ping pong at Lost & Found Beer Garden

Nashville, TN
Occasion: Work conference
Travel Partners: My mom
HHH Approved: 
- Mushroom tacos and margs at Bar Taco 
- For other recs, check out this post cuz we went to all the same places

San Diego, CA
Occasion: Doug's 30th Birthday
Travel Partners: Doug, Sarah & Chris
HHH Approved: 
- Tiki drinks at False Idol (opened by a former member of the Hale Pele team)
- The beers at North Park Beer Co. were decent but we were really all about Mastiff's sausages.
- Modern Times is always a must (except we're mad at them cuz they're taking over The Commons)

Portland, ME
Occasion: Annual Boston girls reunion
Travel Partners: Shannon, Anna & Erica
HHH Approved: 
- Scandinavian snacks & craft cocktails at Portland Hunt & Alpine Club
- I like donuts and I like potatoes so I was very into The Holy Donut's potato donuts
- Blyth & Burrows has a back bar behind a swinging bookcase, so obvs into that too

San Francisco, CA
Occasion: Work event
Travel Partners: Kel
HHH Approved: 
- We loved the laidback vibe, tiki drinks, and delicious Thai dishes at Hawker Fare
- The gin tonics are as big as your head at Bellota - and there are 3 different versions to try!
- The Saloon claims to be SF's oldest bar and it's a great option for Sunday night dance parties

Minneapolis, MN
Occasion: Summer trip
Travel Partners: Doug
HHH Approved: 
- All about the wood-fired eats (and free kitchen entertainment) at Young Joni
- Surley Brewing Co. might be the only MN brewery that makes a decent IPA; great beer garden too
-  It's hard to find, but we loved the speakeasy vibe of Volstad's Emporium
-  Fun, creative flavors at Milk Jam Creamery and can't beat soft serve + cookie dough at MN Nice Cream

Bend, OR
Occasion: Visit Parentals
Travel Partners: Doug
HHH Approved: 
- Bend is a beer town, but Barrel Thief does cocktails right
- Chow is always packed for a reason. Go on a weekday right when it opens if possible.
- It wouldn't be a trip to Bend without an ocean roll at Sparrow Bakery
- Barrio is our go-to special occasion spot in Bend

Olympia, WA
Occasion: Girls Weekend
Travel Partners: Kel, Jenna & Shelby
HHH Approved: 
- Most of the cute places on our list were closed for Labor Day, but not Olympia Oyster Bar!

Okay, now I miss summer. Bye!