Thursday, August 21, 2014

Feast Portland 2014: HHH Dream Events

Guys! Somehow Feast Portland (and my birthday and the Winterhawks' home opener) are less than a month away! How did that happen? Anyway...

... here are the basics of Feast: 

When: Sept 18-21
Where: All over Portland
What: Delicious food & drinks made by local and national chefs 

Ok, so you already know from our posts last year (here and here) that Feast is the best ever. The not so best-ever part? The events are pretty pricey. In their defense, they are full of uber famous chefs and mixologists providing incredible culinary experiences, but we're talking $55-$200 per ticket and that pretty much reserves attendance to those not on a budget. So not us.

However, Kel and I are lucky in that we both get to go to the Sandwich Invitational this year because it's Doug's birthday present to me and Kelly gets to go with our one blogger pass. Wahoo!

We're working on a post for our fellow budget eaters about The Cheap Stuff during Feast weekend, but until then, here are the top 5 events we'd love to go to if we were rolling in a bit more dough:

Who Spiked the Punch? Large Format Cocktails with Jeffery Morgenthaler 
Cost: $65
What: "Portland’s Bartender-in-Chief Jeffrey Morgenthaler will show you how to scale up your favorite single-serving cocktail recipes to quench an army of friends and guests."
Honeys Heart: Obvs we love a well-made drink and while we might only have 2ish friends, they can drink an army's worth of cocktails! We need this class. (P.S. This class is already sold out. Sorry, if you were planning to spend your extra cash on this one.)

High Comfort at the Nines
Cost: $175
What: "More than 20 chefs push comfort food out of its comfort zone. Put on your cuff links and high heels ladies and gents, cuz we’re headed to The Nines Hotel for the most decadent culinary event around."
Honeys Heart: Jamie Bissonnette from Toro (aka my favorite Boston restaurant) is going to be there. And he's joined by big names like John Gorham, Naomi Pomeroy, Vitaly Paley, Kristen Murray, Gabriel Rucker, and Paul Qui. So fancy!

The Hot 10 Dinner: Celebrating Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants in America
Cost: $200
What: "Feel the pulse of the country’s best restaurants at this multi-course dinner prepared by past and present recipients of the 'Hot 10,' Bon Appétit’s annual short list of the best new restaurants in America."
Honeys Heart: Wait, this is so fancy. And it's hosted by Bon Appétit Restaurant and Drinks editor Andrew Knowlton so that's pretty awesome too. (P.S. This is also sold out.)

 Girls! Girls! Girls! with Elizabeth Chambers Cellar and Domaine Serene
Cost: $175
What: "Be schooled by bad-ass lady chefs Kuniko Yagi, Christina Tosi , Naomi Pomeroy, Portland, and Johanna Ware as they ‘lean in’ and show you why women are leading the culinary conversation more than ever."
Honeys Heart: Feminism + delicious food = this. What's not to love? Also, I've been obsessed with Christina Tosi since I had her cake truffles at the Night Market last year and I'm scared I'll never eat anything made by her ever again. (P.S. Some lucky ducks bought all the tickets to this event too. Sorry.)

Negroni O'Clock
Cost: $55
What: "Learn how the classic Negroni can be transformed for all times of the day from Portland’s officially unofficial President of Negroni, Douglas Derrick, along with his cocktail compatriots."
Honeys Heart: Kel and I are officially on the negroni bandwagon, so this sounds like lots of fun. And it's only $55- mere pocket change in comparison! There's still tickets- you should go!