Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 in 5: Trifecta Tavern, Lincoln, Paley's Place, Tilt, and Bibi2go

Hey guys! Time for everyone's (or maybe just Doug's) least favorite type of post: the 5 in 5. You know the rules! Or if you don't, there are some previous 5 in 5's here and here.

Trifecta Tavern
Occasion: A friend raved about it, plus Ken Forkish is awesome.
The Five: Brussel sprouts to die for.

Occasion: Pre-movie happy hour.
The Five: Terrible service. Won't be back.*

Paley's Place
Occasion: The first full day of #snowpocalypse meant we were confined to our neighborhood when choosing early happy hours.
The Five: Why didn't we visit sooner??

Occasion: More snow, more burgers.
The Five: Being bad tastes so good.

Occasion: Kel and I met for what we were hoping would be a delicious and semi-healthy lunch.
The Five: Microwaved egg. Cold rice. No.

*This description warrants an explanation, even if it's against the rules. Doug and I sat at the bar at Lincoln for happy hour. We ordered off the menus given to us, only to have the bartender snap "that's not on the menu anymore! Where did you get those menus!?" before snatching the menus away from us. He then literally threw new menus at us and did his best to ignore us the rest of the night. I understand not all bartenders are super friendly, but nothing calls for outright rudeness like that, especially when Doug and I had done nothing wrong. (I mean, the family next to us brought in McDonald's for their kid... that's gotta be a worse offense, right?)