Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 in 5: Pix/Bar Vivant, Luce, Horse Brass, Casa Naranja, Clarklewis

Hey guys, remember when I lived in Boston for a while and was like "wah I miss dance so much." Then remember when I moved back to Portland and I got back into dance in like a pretty major way and now I don't have time for anything else? Including blogging?

But it's okay because I have a solution. It's a new blog thing called 5 in 5 (so good at naming!). The idea is that I'll post about 5 restaurants/bars/happy hours in one post and describe each of them in only 5 words (or less!). Maybe. We'll see what happens.

Wait guys, I also decided to tell you why I was at each of these places because you're really interested in my personal life (obvs.) K, bye! 

Pix Patisserie & Bar Vivant
Occasion: Super pumped that Pix was adding a tapas bar to its new location.
The Five: Give it a few months.

Occasion: Bon Appetit told me to.
The Five: Bon Appetit is for rich skinnies.

Horse Brass
Occasion: Doug has been drooling over their draft list for a while now.
The Five: 'Ello, governor!

Casa Naranja
Occasion: Erica and Anna came to visit!!
The Five: Not good for hangovers (swings!).

Occasion: Birthday!
The Five: Order the tagliatelle. Seriously.