Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY: Cucumber Infused Vodka (plus bonus Emlit recipe!)

Posted by Kelly

I am particularly excited about my Cucumber Infused Vodka since my favorite cocktail is currently the Emlit at Elephants Delicatessen (gin, muddle cucumber and mint, lime juice and simple syrup.) I can't wait to try it with this infused vodka!

This infusion takes 3 weeks, so it won't be poured back into the original bottle in time for Christmas, but I'm not worried since this is the prettiest of the infusions (I think.) Plus I still plan to include a labeled bottle, with accompanying drink recipe and a fancy holiday ribbon around the jar!

What You'll Need:
- 1 c. English Cucumber, Sliced
- 750 ml Vodka
- 1 Glass Jar

Step 1: Wash and slice cucumbers.

Step 2: Place cucumbers in jar.

Step 3: Add vodka to jar and cap tightly.

Step 4: Let stand at room temperature for 3 weeks, shaking gently every couple of days.

Step 5: Taste for preferred flavor intensity and allow to infuse for up to another week if needed.

Step 6: Strain vodka into original bottle then cap, label and refrigerate until ready to use. 

Below is a label idea and the infusion recipe if you want to create a DIY gift.

 I would also recommend trying the cucumber vodka in this Emlit recipe. Once I test it out in January I will be sure to report back!

 Good luck infusing!