Friday, November 12, 2010

Boston Restaurant: Jacky's Table

Posted by Katie

What: Jacky's Table
Where: 1414 Commomwealth Ave in Brighton

Oh, Jacky's Table. I so wanted to like you.

When I found out Zocalo was closing, I wasn't surprised  (I don't think I've ever had worse Mexican food at that price), and when I saw a sign announcing that a little French bistro was opening in its place, I was overjoyed. Just thinking of the delicious French pastries and tasty Croque Monsieurs you would serve me made my mouth water.

Then we actually met. And it was awkward.

The first time I walked in your doors, I was totally thrown off by the stuffy feeling of the place. Your sparsely decorated dining room might read elegance in another part of town, but here in Allston/Brighton, it's just boring and pretentious. And that music, ugh. Did you borrow that play list from my eighty-six-year-old great aunt? If you want, I can burn you a mix of fun French pop. Even if you don't play it in the dining room, it might work well at the bar. You know, just to give things a little flavor...

I do have to admit that the desserts that the roomie, Kate, and I sampled during my first visit were pretty good. But the stiff formalness of your dining room and our always-absent waitress managed to drain our outing of any enjoyment. Disappointing.

But I wanted to give you another chance, so when Kel was visiting last weekend, we decided to pop in to your bar for a quick dinner after my dance class.

I can see that you're trying, what with the Foosball table by the window and your attempt at "cheap bar food" in the form of the $10 cheese or chocolate fondue. But when this is what we get...'s hard to be impressed.

$10 for a small pot of amazingly humdrum cheese fondue (that the bartender warned us tasted "kind of chocolaty"...what?) and literally 15 small croutons.

Granted, we were given more bread. But the bartender nearly threw it at us, so it almost doesn't count.

So, what am I trying to say to you, Jacky?

I know it's not your fault that you're not living up to the funky French bistro I wanted you to be. And I still have yet to try your Croque Monsieur, so maybe that will be a redeeming point. But, to be perfectly honest, I miss the days when I would walk by your windows to check out your fresh coat of paint or inspect your new awning. It was so much fun to watch your progress and await your opening.

I guess we'll always have those special spring days, back before you opened your doors. I just wish things had turned out differently.

I guess, at the very least, you're better than Zocalo...right?