Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Portland Happy Hour: Limo

Posted by Kelly
What: Limo Peruvian Restaurant
Where: 2340 NW Westover Rd
Honey's Heart: Sangria!

Every time I would go to my fav pet store on NW Westover I would walk by Limo and say "I want to try that sometime soon" and I never made it happen, but during a recent gmail chat convo with my friend Erika I discovered that she had been there and was a big fan of the sangria. We made a plan to go to happy hour and I'm so glad we did.

Of course we started with the sangria. So refreshing.

We looked over the happy hour menu and decided that it all looked good, so we chose to order a couple items and share. The classic mixed ceviche ($7) was an obvious choice. The fish mixed with octopus, calamari, shrimp, and limo chili pepper was incredible. I love seafood, and the citrus made it perfect.

Next was the fried potatoes ($4) with a yellow sauce. Yep, that's all I know about it. It was yellow and it was tasty.

Erika and I are both asparagus fans so we decided to include an order of the asparagus sprinkled with feta ($4). I like to cook asparagus at home and for some reason I had never thought to sprinkle with feta cheese. It is so good, and definitely a simple thing to make on my own! 

Our last dish was supposed to be the mussels ($4), but our waitress thought I said mushrooms and since they looked so delicious we ended up keeping them and getting the mussels. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly and the sauce was incredible. The mussels (which we forgot to photograph) were also amazing, topped with a mixture of chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, and Peruvian corn (yum) with cancha corn.

Though we were happy with our food selection, we were need of another drink. Since Erika had never been to Elephants I thought it was probably my responsibility to introduce her to the unsuspectingly delicious drinks at this deli. She might look a little afraid of her "Wrong Island" in this photo, but she was really loving it!