Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boston: Family Visit Summer 2010

posted by Katie

My parents and my sister flew back to San Jose a week ago, and I'm only just now recovering from the food coma that their week-long visit induced. 

I'm going to post our eating itinerary because food was pretty much the focus of my family's visit. Some of that has to do with the fact that I was working during the day when they did most of their touristy stuff. But also, I've been building quite the list of restaurants that I want to try, and a visit from the parents seemed like the perfect opportunity to try some places that might normally be a little too pricey for my friends and me to go to outside of a special occasion. Plus, I think my family appreciates a good meal out and I wanted to take them back to some spots that I have really enjoyed and that I knew they would like too. 

Some of these places warrant their own post, and those will be coming soon.

Also, here's a picture of my family. Cute right?

Ok, here we go:

Day 1: Saturday
Lunch in Brookline Village at Cuttys
Dinner in Brookline at American Craft
Dessert in Brookline at BerryFreeze  

Day 2: Sunday
Breakfast in Allston from Bagel Rising
Cupcakes in Plymouth at Cupcake Charlie's
Dinner in Brookline at Anna's Taqueria

Day 3: Monday
Dinner in Harvard Square at Grendel's Den 
Dessert in Brookline at Finale

Day 4: Tuesday
Dinner in the South End at Toro
Dessert in the South End at Picco

Day 5: Wednesday
Dinner in Davis Square from Dave's Fresh Pasta
Dessert in Davis Square from Kickass Cupcakes

Day 6: Thursday
Dinner in Allston at Brown Sugar Cafe

Day 7: Friday
Lunch in the South End at Flour Bakery+Cafe 
Dinner in Back Bay at Legal Sea Foods

Day 8: Saturday
Lunch in Salem at Capt's Waterfront Grill
Beer tasting in Seaport at Harpoon Brewery
Dinner in the North End at La Galleria 33
Dessert in the North End at Modern Pastry 

Day 9: Sunday
Brunch in Brookline at Kupel's Bakery (Warning! My dad, sister and I all got food poisoning that day and we all had bagels and cream cheese at Kupels. My mom had a pastry and she was fine. I'm not going back, but if you do, think twice before you order a bagel with cream cheese. What a way to end their visit huh?)

So that's the rundown. And in case you were worried, we also did A LOT of walking.

I had a great time showing my family around Boston, and while it was a little exhausting at times, I can't wait to have them back next May for my graduation!