Thursday, March 26, 2009

Portland Happy Hour: Emanon

As my loyal happy hour companion flew off to the east coast, NYC and Boston, to look at grad schools, Adam and I headed to happy hour at Emanon (NW Lovejoy and 17th). Adam is taking pictures of bars, happy hours, foods, drinks, people having a good time for a photo essay for a class, and well, I just like a good drink and some good company.

When we got to Emanon there was no one there at first. I'll admit I was slightly concerned. But no worries, it filled up rather quickly with a wide range of people, some seemed to be regulars, others just looking for a good random din. We ordered the artichoke dip off the happy hour food menu, all for $4. It was good, if you like chunky pieces of artichoke, and I happen to like all kinds of artichoke dip so I was content. Adam ordered a really large beer, on happy hour price, $4, and I ordered a Blueberry Lemonade. It on the rocks, involved Stoli Blueberry vodka and was pretty good, but not discounted for happy hour, still $7.50. 

Their happy hour menu is mostly geared towards appetizer type food, and Adam felt pretty hungry so we ordered the philly cheese "style" steak sandwich ($9.50) with fries and shared it. It was really good, the steak was tender and the I mean you can't really mess up a steak sandwich, right? 

With full bellies, and a slightly tipsy feeling from our drinks, we walked away with a $25 bill. Not bad. Definitely other things worth trying and a really nice waitress. Neat, low key, relaxing place. I say go for it.