Friday, January 1, 2010

DIY New Years Edition: Stoli Doli

Posted by Kelly

Recently reunited in Bakersfield, we found the most happenin' place in Bakersfield to be my Uncle Gordon's kitchen which involved martinis, beer pong, flip cup, hot tubing and late night mac n cheese.

We started the night with an easy favorite, the Stoli Doli. I first experienced these in Haddenfield, New Jersey two years ago when visiting the same uncle at his previous home. The recipe is simple, even for a large group.

What You'll Need:

2 Pineapples (Dole)
- 1 half gallon of vodka (Stoli)
- 1 large glass jar/drink dispenser

Really the brand of the pineapples or the vodka is personal preference, but you can see where the name "Stoli Doli" comes from.

Step One:

Cut the skin off the pineapples and put on side to cut the pineapples into slices. Remove the core and put into the glass drink dispenser.

Step Two:

Pour the half gallon of vodka into the drink dispenser.

Step Three:

Allow pineapples and vodka to soak for 2 days.

Shake and enjoy!

Next we enjoyed a Lemon Drop Martini, one of our favorites, but this time it was fancied up with Adam's heart shaped lemon peel garnish!

Happy New Year!
Looking forward to all the food, drinks, and recipes to try in 2010!