Friday, January 15, 2010

Portland Restaurant: Cricket Cafe

Posted by Kelly

Sofi and I have decided, in an attempt to grow up, that we would like to love bloody marys. Problem is, we don't even like them. We don't like the tomato juice, or the sometimes overwhelming spice. Actually I think the only part we do like is the array of veggies on top, especially the olives. Regardless we've made it our mission (or at least one of them) to learn to like them.

Attempt #1: Cricket Cafe, 3159 SE Belmont Street

Breakfast or lunch was available when we arrived at 1pm. About half of us ordered breakfast and half ordered lunch...I would say that the breakfast looked the best, though my veggie wrap was pretty delicious!

The "Liquid Meals" drink menu was pretty great. We ordered grapefruit juice mimosas, a Moscow mule (so tasty, highly recommend!), a sidecar with some triple sec flare, and yes, a bloody mary. We had about 6 to choose from and decided on sharing their standard bloody mary, the Gary ($6.95), but asked for plain vodka instead of their house infused jalapeno vodka.

I'm not sure if they forgot to do plain vodka or if their mix is generally spicy but it was hot! We only managed do drink half of it, but we did eat all the veggies! I would recommend this place for breakfast for sure and suggest you check it out if you're a bloody mary enthusiast. There are quite a few variations...