Friday, March 1, 2013

Honeys Heart: Xico, tenderBAR, Ava Genes, Burning Love, & Hale Pele

We've been major slackers lately. Sorry, guys. So here's a few things we're really into right now cuz lists are fun and easy for us and you.

1. Xico

Kel and I went to happy hour/dinner here with her parents last week and it's kind of embarrassing how much we talked about it the day after... and every day since. Obsessed, basically. Everything was good but we especially liked the $5 happy hour Sonoran Hot Dog and the Sopaipillas, both savory and sweet.

2. tenderBAR
We're pretty mad we didn't think of this idea. Cocktail catering plus custom bottled cocktails- so smart! Kel sampled some of their cocktails at a recent event and loved both their Cold Blood, made with tequila, honey, and blood orange, and their Gin Gin Pina, made with gin, pineapple, and ginger bubbly.

3. Ava Genes 

Kel and Adam had a date night here last week and can't wait to go back to sample more of their delicious (but pricey) food and drinks. Recommended: Fresh Sheep's Cheese & Nettles bruschetta and Lamb Ragu & Chicories pasta.

4. Burning Love

Let's be real, the best part of The Bachelor/The Bachorette is making fun of it. And having a good excuse to drink wine on a Monday night. (If you don't agree, this is why we aren't friends.) If you love doing both those things, pretty sure you'll enjoy Burning Love too. New webisodes every Thursday and Friday.

5. Hale Pele

Nothing cures the winter blues like drinking a gigantic tiki drink in an aptly kitsched-out bar. Favorite drink so far: Missionary's Downfall (above), made with rum, mint, peach, and pineapple. But get the Jet Pilot if you're a fan of fire, cinnamon and sitting shotgun (no driving after one of these!).