Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Portland Restaurant: Screen Door

Posted by Kelly

What: Screen Door
Where: 2337 E. Burnside St

Specializing in southern food ranging from fried chicken (which I must go back and try) to jambalaya, Screen Door offers hearty meals, while also incorporating fresh, local and organic vegetable and meats. Our first experience here was great and I am sure we will return. It can be busy though so plan your visit strategically. When I drove by there on Sunday at 9am there was a line half way around the block!

Adam and I started with the Blackberry Margarita. Not so awesome that I had to have another one, but good enough that it definitely satisfied my margarita craving.

After reviewing and re-reviewing the menu I chose the screen door plate ($13.95) which lets you customize your meal by choosing 3 sides from the side menu or vegetable specials and a slice of cornbread. This was perfect since I love being able to try multiple items on a menu! This evening I chose the mac & cheese, sweet potato frieds and beet salad special with goat cheese, pistachios, grapefruit, greens and a citrus vinigarette. It was all delicious, but next time I really should go more southern and order fried catfish or creamy grits.

Adam, being pretty typical Adam, ordered the backyard burger ($10) which comes with cheddar and fries, but he snazzed it up with the addition of crispy fried onions ($1). I think those definitely made the burger a little more unique. They use 10 oz of Painted Hills ground sirloin to make this huge burger and you can taste the quality of the meat. Though it was a great burger you can get quality burgers for less at places like Pause on N. Interstate, or at happy hour at multiple NW restaurants.

An added bonus to our evening was having nice enough weather to sit outside, sort of shocking in Portland this summer! The small patio on the side of the restaurant is just off Burnside enough to be pleasant and quiet.