Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Portland Happy Hour: Bo Restobar

Recently I have been craving Saucebox, and my friends Dena and Katie (not my happy hour co-blogger Katie) have never been there. We finally coordinated our schedules and decided to go yesterday, Monday, at 4. Bad news. Saucebox is closed Sunday and Monday. But we couldn't let that ruin our happy hour! Katie quickly looked up other happy hours in the area and we decided to try happy hour at Bo Restobar (corner of SW Broadway and Stark, 4 to 6pm) attached to Hotel Lucia.

Their happy hour food menu prices vary from $3 to $6 for food and house cocktails are $5. We ordered off their specialty cocktail menu, the best being Katie's Blueberry Cosmopolitan. For food we ordered sweet potato tempura and edamame for $3 each. Potstickers and papaya salad (which we didn't see any papaya and it was REALLY spicy) for $4 each and Bo's sliders, 3 hamburger sliders, for $6. The food was good, I would definitely recommend the sweet potato tempura but the drinks weren't my favorite. It was a great place to try, but I am not sure I would become a regular.