Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to Throw the Best Bachelorette Party Ever Part 1: Fun & Games

Since I can't take credit for most of the planning, I think you should believe me when I tell you that my bachelorette party weekend in Austin was the best ever. Really. And that's for two main reasons: 1) I have the absolute best friends. 2) Austin is an amazing city.

I'll cover all the fun games and special touches that Lauren and Kelly put together for the weekend in this post and then cover everything we did in Austin in the next. Sound good? Cool.

1) Welcome Gifts 

The theme of the weekend was "Western/Cowgirl/Texas" and Lauren put together cute little themed goodie bags for each of the girls.

The bags included a boot-shaped plastic mug, boot shot glass, western-themed photo holder, and a horseshoe necklace. It was so fun to see all the girls rocking their matching necklaces all weekend and the boot mugs were great too since our Air BnB rental didn't have a huge assortment of glassware.

2) Bachelorette Boots

On Friday, I got to open a present from all the girls- custom cowboy boots! Lauren commissioned these boots to be decorated with my first name and new last name and lots of rhinestone accents. I wore them for our first night out and broke them in with a little two-steppin'. Such a fun gift!

3) Coins!

These should really be listed as #1 because they truly made our weekend. Over the course of the trip, the goal was to collect as many coins as possible. Coins could be earned by performing certain dares or challenges. Some favorites:
  1. Earn 1 coin for every drink that someone buys you
  2. Earn 2 coins for finishing the mezcal drink that nobody else wants (see photo below)
  3. Earn 3 coins for a successful completion of a "Kill Your Friends" dare (see the rules here)

Basically, the coins were the best game ever and way more fun for the group as a whole than that tired list of bride-only dares that sometimes accompanies bachelorette nights. Major props to Lauren for this idea!

4) Lingerie Game 

Kel asked each of my girls to bring me a set of lingerie as a gift (I know I'm lucky to have such generous friends!) and on our second night, we played a little game to see if I could guess who bought me what. Of course, we made it into a drinking game where I had to take a shot every time I guessed incorrectly (and that happened a lot...) and the lingerie-giver had to take a shot once I finally figured out who she was. Fun!

5) Groom Q&A

On our last night, we played a game where the girls and I had to try and guess the correct answers to questions Sarah had asked Doug ahead of time. The idea was that if you got an answer wrong, you had to drink... but Doug proved to be a bit of an enigma, so we all just drank and called it good. And just so you know, my favorite Harry Potter character is Lupin and I'd obviously choose invisibility over being able to fly (Come on, Doug!).

Wanna know what we did in Austin? Read Part 2 here.