Monday, March 19, 2012

Aspirations II

Back in January, I made a list of eight bars and restaurants I wanted to try in the next two months.

It's a little past my deadline, but here are my results:

Happy Hours:
The Box Social- Fail. Haven't made it here yet.
Night Light Lounge- Eh, read my post about their hh here.
Nostrana- Obsessed. Combined, Kel and I have probably eaten there once a week since we first tried it. Post coming soon.   

Olympic Provisions- Made the mistake of taking my not-so-meat-loving mom here. She was not a fan. I would like to try it again before making my final decision.
Boke Bowl-  Not so much. Read Kel's post here.
Tasty n Sons- Fail again. Still need to try.

Apex- Doug was not as impressed as he wanted to be and God, that screen displaying their beer options is horrible. Hurt my eyes to look at. We might be back.
Firehouse- And still need to go here too.

Let's try again.

Here's my list of spots to try by May 19: 

Happy Hours:
The Box Social
Driftwood Room- have been for drinks but not food. Planning to take the girls soon.
Sniff Cafe- Kel and I want to take her pups here. Drinks & doggies = woot!

Mi Mero Mole- was reminded I wanted to try their tacos after seeing them in Willamette Weekly's 2012 Cheap Eats guide.
Olympic Provisions- hope to giving the SE location a try this time.
Tasty n Sons- will be kicked out of Portland if I don't go here soon.

Clyde Common- 2012 James Beard semi-finalist for Outstanding Bar Program.