Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Las Vegas: 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Bachelorette Weekend

1)  Come prepared
Upon arrival in Las Vegas, we cabbed to Vons (their Safeway) to stock up on snacks, mixers, liquor, and Gatorade. Having a drink in the room gets you ready for the night and snacks that the hotel doesn't charge you for when you get back is crucial! 

2) Turn your bathtub into a fridge
At our hotel, the mini fridge was weight sensitive and automatically charged the credit card on file, so we created an alternative. We didn't plan to use our bathtub anyway (and if you even have time, you're not correctly experiencing a Bachelorette Vegas weekend) so it became the perfect place to store mixers and cream cheese!  Each floor has an ice machine for easy refills.

Helpful Hint: In order to get enough ice in one trip we recommend filling up plastic bags from your Von's trip. 

3) Work the bachelorette angle
Everybody gets excited about two people in love... and the possibility of lonely single bridesmaids (sorry boys, we all have boyfriends.) Regardless, it never hurts to flaunt the bride-to-be with a veil, sashes, pins, and over-sized fake diamond rings. People are always willing to buy a congratulatory cocktail, and promoters like offering free and expedited admission to girls traveling in groups.

4) Take advantage of the open cup laws
The liquor and mixers you bought at the store aren't only for pre-gaming. Here we are enjoying mimosas that we made in our room and took with us to the mall. Much cheaper than buying the yardstick drinks for $18 (though we may have done that too...).

5) Take a Stripper 101 class
Luckily for us, Groupon ran a deal on Stripper 101 classes two weeks before our trip, but I would say it's worth the full price. Not only is it a great group activity and an excuse to wear bachelorette themed clothing, it is hard! Our (real life!) stripper instructor taught us fun and challenging lap dance and pole moves, while getting us up to date on the Vegas stripper scene (though I don't think any of us plan on going pro!)

6) Make new friends
People go to Vegas in search of a good time and hoping to wake up the next morning with incredible stories... hopefully nothing as extreme as The Hangover though! Throughout our weekend, we talked up our fair share of party-goers ranging from London bachelor parties to girls we waited in line with for cabs. Some of us even found special friends on the dance floor... Just admit it, his silver shirt is amazing!

Helpful Hint: Don't forget to take your heels off before you hop up on a lounge seat. Bouncers encourage multi-level dancing, but that doesn't mean they want holes in that classy pleather! 

7) Ride the New York-New York Roller Coaster
Riding the New York-New York roller coaster is a must. It's short, but thrilling. They don't run it when it's too windy and we wouldn't recommend it hungover, so plan accordingly.

Helpful Hint: If you're wearing flip flops, don't get too excited! Jenna's flew off her feet and into the track while we were waiting, causing a slight hang up... she did offer to ride shoeless, but apparently that's against the rules. 

8) Attend a Cirque Show
There are only a few things you should spend money on in Vegas: one nice meal, cabs and a show. The Cirque shows are incredible. Between the two of us, we've been to Love, Zumanity, Le Reve and most recently, Mystere. All of them were totally different, but equally awesome!

9) Splurge on one nice meal (and good cocktail)
We all came from different cities to celebrate Leslie's future wedding, so we decided it would be nice to splurge on one nice meal (otherwise ladies, you shouldn't be spending much money.) We went to a restaurant in Treasure Island where we were seeing Mystere and enjoyed a nice dinner, a real cocktail, and reminisced about our first two nights. We suggest planning this dinner on the last night of the trip. It's a great way to wrap up the weekend and begin your final night on the town.

10.) Go with the flow! 
Most importantly, when in Vegas, let loose and have fun! We guarantee you'll have a better time if you don't over-plan the weekend. Just go with the flow and be ready for anything!