Monday, September 20, 2010

Portland Happy Hour Hop: Andina, Fenouil, Irving Street Kitchen, Three Degrees

Posted by Kelly

After graduating from University of Portland many of my close friends left Portland and I can't begin to express how wonderful it has been to have Sofi, Katie and Megan here! Unfortunately the time came for Sofi to venture out of this beautiful city. For the last year neither of us had "office" jobs and consequently spent many hours in coffee shops and many nights at happy hours. This series in particular was Sofi's send off just before leaving Portland to go to Spain. We went to happy hour after happy hour until we met up with friends for a farewell night of food and drink.

First Stop: Andina
Where: 1314 NW Glisan St.
When: 4-6pm Daily

Sofi and I had been talking about going to Andina forever and this night would be our last opportunity so we had to make it our first stop. It was awesome and I have been meaning to go back. The bread came with three dipping sauces ranging in spice and sweetness. This was a unique alternative to butter or olive oil and balsalmic, and each dip had completely different flavors, but were equally good!

Unfortunatly this happy hour was actually a month ago so I can't remember the names of our drinks, but I'm fairly certain I enjoyed a mojito-esque (can't go wrong) drink and Sof ordered something involving gin...

Unlike me, Sofi is a big oyster fan. At Andina there are three different types of oysters and three different salsa like creations to pair them with. Though I skipped the oysters I did steal some of the salsas for my bread. They were once again, amazing. Amazing enough that I might have been tempted to try an oyster.

Finally for our main happy hour meal we ordered the octopus. I have never had octopus prepared this way and it was freaking delicious. I'm craving it now. It was perfectly cooked, not chewy, and served over mashed potatos. I would absolutely order this again!

Second Stop: Fenouil
Where: 900 NW 11th Ave
When: 4-6pm Daily

I met someone recently whose favorite restaurant is Fenouil so I suppose I need to go back and try their food. We just stopped in for drinks here, each enjoying a $9 concotion. I really wish these were $5 so I could have justified two!

Third Stop: Irving Street Kitchen
Where: 701 NW 13th Ave

At Irving Street Kitchen (in the former location of Bay 13) we also just enjoyed a beverage. We each went for a glass of white wine poured from a wine spout, much like how restaurants serve beer out of kegs, but for wine. Something I hadn't seen before, but I definitely liked the vibe it gave the bar area. This is another spot I need to revisit to check out food and other drink options. It seems like a neat place so I recommend stopping in, ignore the scary font on their sign though!

Final Stop: Three Degrees
Where: 1510 SW Harbor Way 
When: 4-7pm Daily

By this point we weren't taking pics anymore and I wasn't there in time to view the happy hour food menu, but what the girls had ordered looked alright and the wine we drank was at a happy hour price!

All of these happy hours were the perfect way for Sof to say good bye to Portland!