Thursday, December 11, 2008

Honeys Heart: UP Pub Crawl

Wednesday night was the annual end of semester pub crawl. It starts at Dancing Bare but Kelly and I still had papers to write so we caught up with everyone at Mouse Trap. Thanks to the bartenders for starting our night off right with those double vodka tonics...

Not our usual choice...but it got the job done.

So mad about it. Just cuz we never invite you to happy hour doesn't mean you can't smile for our blog.

"Wanna take a picture for our blog?" "Oh hell yeah!" Thanks for the enthusiasm Brian!

Double points for actually reading our blog!

Adam loves Mary. Mary loves happy hour honeys.

Sorry Kelly slapped your hand so hard...but really, you can't crinkle the sign.

A little bit more than buzzed...?

Friends again. Thanks blog.

Awkward. But good sports.

Karaoke at Parrot Bay...Kelly and I didn't participate because usually people like to boo us.

Wearing pants while drinking...different.


Free hot dogs at Mock's Crest...delicious (maybe).

At the t room. Did you predict this would happen?