Sunday, December 14, 2008

Portland Happy Hour: Perry's

Recently my grandparents texted me and wanted to meet at Perry's (on NE Fremont) for happy hour. I was introduced to Perry's by my grandparents (just like they introduced me to Amalfi's...they have good taste) years ago. We've been going there forever, and my grandparents have achieved the status of "regulars." (Katie and I still haven't managed to do that anywhere).

Friday we showed up at 4pm and headed to the bar. As usual we ordered a round of Lemon Drops ($7.95) made specially by Perry (the owner). We try to make lemon drops at home with our juicer but definitely don't have Perry's special touch. This is by far the best lemon drop I have had in Portland.

For food, we ordered off their happy hour menu which includes a list of items all for $2.95. We ordered their salad with citrus dressing, thai chicken, nachos, chicken soft tacos, veggie tostada, and grilled cheese (there were 4 of us). Everything was delicious, there isn't anything I wouldn't recommend. Also, when Katie and I went we ordered their fried artichoke hearts which were really great.

Now if you go to Perry's, I would definitely recommend getting dessert. Initially we were craving some strawberry chocolate pie, but found out they only make that in the summer (Shoot!) Instead, my grandparents ordered two Irish Coffees (whiskey as opposed to rum in Spanish Coffee), I ordered another Lemon Drop, and Adam decided he wanted the Chocolate Chip Pie. Of course we all stole bites of his gooey, chocolate chip, doughy, soft, pie covered in an amazing chocolate sauce served with ice cream.

It you are looking for a friendly environment with great food to satisfy any mood, awesome drinks, and desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth, Perry's is the place to go!