Thursday, December 15, 2016

Buzzed with the Happy Hour Honeys: Holiday Special!

In this episode, we discuss where to do your holiday drinking in Portland, address the serious issue of Portland's lack of pop-up holiday bars, and share some quality holiday drinking stories. Per usual, we suggest drinking some egg nog, toddy's, mulled wine (you get the idea) to get in the spirit while enjoying this episode.

A Visual Guide to the Holiday Special:

Our podcast drink: Smitten Kitchen's Fairytale in New York (aka Old Fashioneds with fancy holiday-y syrup).

Holiday Drinking in Portland

Holiday Ale Festival

Spanish Coffees and Egg Nog at Clyde Common

Holiday Pop-Ups

Sippin' Santa's Surf Shack

Balta on the Roof

Miracle on Ninth Street

Here's the article Katie didn't read very closely:

Holiday Drinking Stories

College-y Christmas circa 2007

New Years in Bakersfield (note the sparkly Forever 21 skirts).

Stoli Dolis Recipe: 
Cut up pineapple, soak in vodka for at least 2 days, shake with ice, strain, drink!

Look how old these phones are!

Sake Bomb Party

Year one when we had sushi, sake, sochu, bad sweaters, and Korean drinking games. Normal.

Year two when we had pizza for economical reasons, but kept everything else. 

Why was Katie shaming the Kelly's??

A green table for year three.

And a red one for year four!

 Happy Holidays!