Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Buzzed with the Happy Hour Honeys: Episode 2

In our second episode of Buzzed with the Happy Hour Honeys, we discuss our slightly controversial brunch yays and nays, food halls, Jose Chesa (so hot right now), and bachelorette party tips, all while consuming a $55 bottle of TeSoAria wine (yeah, we got classy).

A Visual Guide to Episode 2:

Doug vs. Doug:

Doug Adams 
  • Executive Chef at Imperial
  • Top Chef Season 12 Finalist
  • also known as Dougie PDX (because that's what his instagram handle used to be)

Doug (Not Adams)


See the twee?
A Sweedeedee Sandwich


Aebleskivers with Lemon Curd 
Baby Spanska





Bachelorette Party Tip #1: Create a Tradition

The veil's debut appearance (2009)
Leslie's Bachelorette in Vegas (2011)
Kel's (Real) Bachelorette in New York (2012)
Katie's Bachelorette in Austin (2014)

Bachelorette Party Tip #2: Take a Dirty Class

Stripper 101 Class in Vegas

Bachelorette Party Tip #3: Find a Home Base

Do-Si-Do-ing with Jeremy at Jeremy Bar