Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NEW Portland Happy Hour: Huckleberry Pub

What: Huckleberry Pub
Where: NW 23rd and Kearney
When: Happy Hour 2 - 6 PM

A couple weeks ago I found out I have a tumor in my lower abdomen....say what?! Yeah, that was basically my reaction. I spent the following weekend anxious, watching movies, taking pain killers and eating white rice. Once I met with a specialist last Monday and got the go ahead to eat normally until my surgery it was time to have a tasty happy and toast to the soon-to-be surgery to rid myself of Tabitha (yes, Jenna named the tumor...Tabitha the terrible tummy tumor)

There are a couple new places that have opened in our neighborhood and we decided to check one out. Huckleberry Pub has happy hour from 2-6 and offers some pretty reasonably priced fare. Adam and I both enjoyed on of the hh drink special, the ginger mojito. It was delicious and just $5.

I ordered the cod fish cakes ($7) and was pleased to see they were definitely loaded with fish, but unfortunately they lacked any real exciting flavor. Even the roasted red pepper cream sauce wasn't doing it for me. I did love the combination of the fish cake with the arugula on the side though!

Adam went for the house ground chuck burger ($5) with sharp cheddar and all the fixings. This was tasty and a great deal.

We also shared an order of beer battered onion rings ($5) which were pretty awesome and served with their house-made ginger ketchup. Yums. 

Even though I wasn't overly impressed with the fish cakes, the burger and drinks were great, the bar was comfortable and laid back, our waitress was super nice and there are definitely other menu items I would like to try. We'll be back for sure!
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