Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Happy Hour: French 77

Every other year, the teachers at my mom's school auction off a three-course meal for 12 (prepared by them) at the school's annual auction. This year, my mom is in charge of cocktails. We decided that a French 77 would be a classy and simple choice for an aperitif, but my mom wanted to do a test run before the big night, just in case. Fine by me!

Lemon twists are the traditional garnish, but those things are way too much work (at least for me anyway), so I decided an amarena cherry would be a nice substitute. Yeah. Those things cost about $13 for a small jar. Not gonna happen. Instead, we grabbed a can of bing cherries. They ended up turning what should have been a champagne-colored drink pink, but we liked the hint of sweetness they added.

Anyway, these drinks are great for a celebratory occasion, especially when the weather is warmer. They're nice and light with the perfect combination of floral and fruity.

- 1 oz St. Germain
- .5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
- Champagne
- Garish (lemon twist, cherry, etc)