Thursday, January 5, 2012


Right now I have a list of all the restaurants, bars, and happy hours I want to go to on my phone. And in a spreadsheet on my computer. And saved in a Google doc that Doug and I share. And on random pieces of paper around my apartment.

But so far I haven't been very good about actually making it to any of those places. So the obvious solution is to post an abridged version on the blog and give myself a two month deadline to make it to all of them (and blog about it.) So here goes: 

Happy Hours:
The Box Social- recommended by Eat Beat
Night Light Lounge- recommended by Karissa of Delectable Dates
Nostrana- recommended by Dana (for a girl's night)

Olympic Provisions- recommended by... everyone
Boke Bowl- see above
Tasty n Sons- ditto

Apex- Doug's addition
Firehouse- recommended by Abe of BePortland

I'll keep you updated on my progress...