Monday, May 24, 2010

Boston Bar: Charlie's Beer Garden

posted by Katie

What: Charlie's Beer Garden
Where: Harvard Square (over by the Charles Hotel)
Honeys Heart: Outdoor drinking!

The plan for Saturday was that the roomie and I would continue our apartment decorating project and paint our kitchen. It was so nice out Saturday though that I was able to convince Shannon that we should wait until Sunday.

A bunch of my publishing friends and I ended up heading to EarthFest, a live music festival featuring 90s bands like The Gin Blossoms and Collective Soul. I'm not much into 90s music but I did appreciate all the food samples (free lunch!).

We all needed to cool down after sitting in the sun for so long so I suggested we head over to Charlie's Beer Garden which is a fenced-in outdoor area adjacent to Charlie's Kitchen.

It was crowded and the beer garden was pretty small but we managed to find a table that we could all stand around. The beers of choice for our crowd were Sam Summers and the raspberry beer (don't remember the brewery.)

We also shared the nachos, beer-battered fries, and the fried green beans (my new favorite fried food). And some thin mint Girl Scout cookies we pawned off some guy.

Charlie's had a fun vibe and good beer so I definitely plan on going back soon to enjoy some more outdoor drinking.