Friday, April 9, 2010

Boston Restaurant: Bottega di Capri

Posted by Katie

What: Bottega di Capri
Where: 41 Harvard Ave in Brookline Village
Honeys Heart: Tuscan Panini

A few weekends ago, Shannon and I headed out to Brookline Village on a lazy Sunday in search of lunch.

Since we were both hungry, the walk seemed longer than usual and by the time we came to Bottega di Capri, a small Italian deli, we weren't feeling all that picky.

Lucky for us, Bottega di Capri turned out to be a great find.

They had a fairly large menu, including a good selection of paninis and cold sandwiches. Shannon and I both decided to go for The Tuscan panini: prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, sopressata, roasted red peppers and basil oil on housemade foccacia.

This photo does not really do The Tuscan justice. The focaccia was amazing, flaky with the perfect amount of herbs. And the fresh mozzarella combined with the prosciutto, sopressata and roasted peppers was as delicious as it sounds.

Our paninis were also huge, definitely big enough to split and still go home feeling very full.

Shannon and I plan to go back again soon to try out some of their other offerings. I am especially interested in tasting their gnocchi, a favorite of mine, to see if it's as good as their sammies. I'm betting that it is...