Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boston Restaurant and Bar: Lineage

posted by Katie  

What: Lineage's Lineage of the Cocktail
Where: Coolidge Corner, Brookline
When: Fridays and Saturdays 9-11:30pm
Honeys Heart: Chocolate Pot de Crème with Chantilly Cream

The Friday before Spring Break I thought it would be fun to get the girls together to try out Lineage's exploration of classic cocktails which they appropriately call the Lineage of the Cocktail.

Each week, self-taught mixologist Ryan Lotz picks two cocktails from Ted Haigh's book Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails and puts his own spin on them. From 9-11:30pm every Friday and Saturday, Lineage offers Ryan's weekly specials for $8-10 for a regular-sized cocktail or $5 for a smaller sample size.

The weekend we went the specials were the Bebbo Cocktail ($5/$8): gin, lemon, honey, and orange, and Curacao Punch ($5/$10): Jamaican rum, Curacao, brandy, lemon, soda and sugar.

 I ordered the Bebbo Cocktail and thought it was pretty good. Shannon and I agreed that her Curacao Punch was lacking in flavor and was little watery for $10. 
The other girls chose drinks off the regular cocktail menu. Anna went with a Champagne Cocktail and Katie H. tried the Spiked Cider.

Their drinks were decent too but I think we would all agree that the real highlight of our trip to Lineage were the desserts.

Shannon and I shared the Chocolate Pot de Crème with chantilly cream ($8) and it was absolutely heavenly. Rich, creamy, and smooth, it tasted like the perfect cup of hot chocolate with a dollop of not-too-sweet cream on top...yum.

Anna tried out the Meyer Lemon Cheesecake with shortbread crust and vanilla bean-ginger syrup ($8). Also delicious.

Katie H. picked the Warm Gingerbread with spiced walnut ice cream ($8). The ice cream was the perfect companion to the warm gingerbread cake.

I should also mention that, because Shannon and I are good girls, we made sure to eat dinner before moving on to dessert. We ordered the Flatbread Pizza with herb crust, potato, mushrooms (we omitted these) and truffle oil ($11).

Shannon thought the pizza was great but personally, I like to really taste that truffle oil and it wasn't coming through as much as I hoped it would. Service was also a bit slow that night but if you're just planning on a leisurely night of desserts and girl time, Lineage would be a great choice.