Monday, July 27, 2009

Honeys Heart: Adventure on the High Seas

Posted by Katie

While Kelly has been doing an excellent job taking advantage of Portland happy hours, I've been sailing (and drinking) my cares away on 7-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera.

While Carnival claims to be pretty strict about bringing your own alcohol aboard, we found that our initial attempt of dying vodka green and storing it in a Listerine bottle was a little excessive (excessively minty that is). Turns out its much easier (and tastier) to smuggle in some good ole' light tequila in a water bottle which, when mixed with the cruise ship's complimentary lemonade and limes, produces a quite decent margarita.

We did, however, find ourselves resorting to actually purchasing drinks on the ship at times which is quite the pricey endeavor. We hit up happy hour only to find that while my friend Krizia got $1 off her $8 cosmo, I was offered a mere 30 cents off my $10 mojito. Of course I was also given a $5 credit in the casino...for which I had to spend 5 of my own dollars (or my friend Matt's) to actually use. Excellent.
So, moral of the story/cheesy rhyme: when on a cruise, bring your own booze...or you'll be sorry.

The A-team. Miss you!