Monday, September 8, 2008

Portland Happy Hour: Sagittarius - CLOSED

Bought out by La Bonita, a mexican restaurant with it's first location on NE Alberta. 

Last year I developed a fascination with this little restaurant called Sagittarius that is located right across the street from our regular sushi place Mio. I must have looked it up on citysearch a dozen times and drove past it a few dozen more before I was finally able to experience the wonder that is Sagittarius. I had high hopes thanks to the rave reviews that seemed to pop up on every search regarding the rosemary mac, and Leslie's 21st bday dinner seemed the perfect occasion to put the mac to the test. Let me tell you, that is about the best $8 dollars I have ever spent. The cheese is velvety and delicious with just the right touch of rosemary and the way it seeps into those mini shell pastas will change your life.

Leslie's bday was over 6 months ago and I still can't get enough of that rosemary mac. On occasion, I'll try to branch out (Kelly is much better at this), but no matter how tasty my sandwich is, there's always part of me that wishes I had just gone with my usual. Really it's that good.

Today Kelly and I introduced our new roommate to Sagitarrius's all-day Monday happy hour and while it may not be the best deal in town, there are some decent discounts. I, of course, went with the happy hour mini mac for $5 which is basically the rosemary mac entre
e minus the salad and bread. Kelly tried the regularly-priced Doomtown chicken sandwich for $8 and Marissa went with the fish and chips for $11. All very tasty. We also practiced some self control (for once?) and didn't order any drinks despite the $3 wells and $1 off specialty cocktails. Gotta save up for Mint you know...